Chanakya has always been an intriguing character in mythology. Silently brilliant but unapologetic in his endeavors to realise his ambition, heartless but affectionate for his favourite disciple Chandragupta, he was indeed a man of charisma. Ashwin Sanghi has brought two timelines together in his book – Chanakya’s Chant.

Chanakya, the kingmaker who achieves his ambition of Akhand Bharat through Chandragupta Maurya, shares space with another kingmaker from Kanpur – Gangasagar Mishra who makes his protegé – Chandni, the Prime Minister of India. The chapters alternate between ancient and modern India. The wit of both Chanakya and Gangaprasad make the read very interesting. To fulfil their high ambitions, both of these men sacrifice their own personal lives, become ruthless, become the target of hate even among their followers on the way…but eventually become the masters of fate. They realize, that some price has to be paid to achieve and create greatness. Though, in general, the tools are forgotten after they help create an object; the Kingmaker, is in theory, bigger than the king.

The amount of research gone into this making this book is highly commendable. Every single character of the Mauryan era is accurately characterized and the historical background is very well researched. The highly convoluted corrupt and commercialised political scene of modern India is described  in detail. Towards the end of the book, the political nitty-gritty seem to be a tad too confusing., but the book maintains its pace throughout. No wonder, this book may be adapted into a movie soon! Check out the video trailer below. Also, this book could also be used as a curriculum reference for management students as well! Informative, interesting and insightful. A must-read!!