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So… I booked the tickets for this particular movie…. in doubt.  Some suggested the Abhay Deol starrer “One by Two” instead of Hasee toh Phasee. But for some reason, I chose Parineeti Chopra over Abhay Deol. This movie is the brainchild of two producers who have belong to diametrically opposite genres of Indian cinema. As Anurag Kashyap’s phantom and Karan Johar’s Dharma productions are introduced together in the opening credits, I expect something quirky, something which has the raw, wry humor of Kashyap’s films and the romance, style and opulence of Karan Johar’s movies.

The movie starts with the childhood incidents of Parineeti aka Meera and Siddharth aka Nikhil. Parineeti is a brilliant mind, a science freak who is for some very silly reasons not accepted by her family and society. She finds encouragement only in her father, who is a small time “saree businessman” living in a chawl. Nikhil is the chronic liar whose father is a strict IPS officer with a permanent scowl on his face. So Nikhil lies and sneaks out to catch a movie. He lies to escape from studies and from his affection-less father and thus is socially considered weird (Hey, give the kid a break!)

Just when you think the movie is going to revolve around Meera and Nikhil’s struggle and about their respective unacceptance from the society, the kids suddenly grow up!

Nikhil-the-chronic-liar, grows up to be a bigger liar and manages to sneaks out to Goa where he meets cute-and-nerdy Meera. Meera and Nikhil share more than a conversation. Meera runs away to Goa after throwing out an outlandish idea about revolving cricket fields to Nikhil. Nikhil listens to the ideas, pitches some of his own ideas as well and then keeps staring into space minutes after she leaves. Enter Adaah Sharma, as the sexy, prim and proper Karishma. Nikhil and Karishma fall for each other and the story takes a time leap.

Nikhil is going to marry Karishma, but is hassled bcoz of money and career issues. Nikhil meets Meera again who is actually Karishma’s ostracized sister, who stole money and ran away from her sister’s wedding only to return and steal more money from her another sister’s a.k.a Karishma’s wedding! All this because of her science project based out of China which makes polymer balls. Well clearly, the director didn’t care to bring about some intelligent description of the project maybe because he thinks it would be to much for the Indian audience. So Meera video chats in Chinese with her research mates, cries when she sees chinese goons thrashing her lab and in the meanwhile wins the heart of a Anu Malik inspired guy who happens to be one of Nikhils’s reatives. Meera is addicted to drugs, eating toothpaste, chocolates and sugar. So Nikhil, the chronic liar who grew up to be the confused and hassled but “sanskaari” and simple guy falls for Meera. The movie continues in mayhem till both of them sort out their differences, learn to understand their own imperfections and decide to marry each other.

The movie scores only because of the bitter sweet chemistry between science girl Parineeti and simple guy Nikhil. At some points, the logic is missing but credit should be given to the director. He brings out the story of a young Indian couple who don’t dance around trees. He brings out two lead characters who are a far cry from our typical Blbollywood lead heroes and heroines. The girl is a rebel and a drug addict. The guy runs around arranging money to be given to his father-in-law. The confusions and thoughts of the lead pair are very relatable to the modern Indian couple. Some typical KJo moments are relived, such as the Punjabi wedding songs and dances, the boy-ties-girl’s-choli scenes. Anurag Kashyap’s influence is not felt much throughout. Parineeti’s character is very quirky and eccentric but real and identifiable. Siddharth comes across as a surprise playing the confused middle class Indian to the T. Watch it for the innocent chemistry between the lead pair. And I am glad i put my money on Parineeti, she didn’t let me down.


A town called Wasseypur….

Anurag Kashyap has re-invoked “Wasseypur” in urban India. Who would have thought..that in the age of tablets, apps, spas, live-in relationships and 3G scams… we would watch a movie….in awe..about a village rivalry between Qureshis and Khans… and a mafia story on coal and iron!! But that’s what Kashyap is all about, right when you start expecting a rural drama with clichéd social issues and hackneyed plots.. he rocks you to the core with a slick vendetta story which has more style and panache than some yashraj flicks. None of the characters are black or white. Every character is real. The dialogues are colloquial yet awe-inspiring and intriguing. If Part I was about Manoj Bajpai’s life, his women, his rise to power and death, Part II is about his sons, their continuation on the journey towards revenge. It is a stylized gangsta flick but set in the heart of rural india. Women though very pivotal to the story, are kept to the sidelines. This movie was adapted as from a novel written by scriptwriter Zeishan Qaidri, who also plays the fearless and street-smart Definite, the illegitimate son of Sardar Khan and a huge Salman Khan fan. As the first part revolves around Manoj Bajpai playing Sardar Khan, the second part focuses on Nawassudin Siddiqui, the wronged son of Sardar, who while remaining stoned has a huge heart for romance for his lady love portrayed oh-so-saucily by Huma Siddiqui. Tigmanshu Dhulia is the suave Ramadhir Singh, fighting for power and control with two generations. Watch for the witty dialogues sprinkled with dry humour which make you cringe and smile at the same time … watch it for the crazy medley of characters… each trying to tell a different story. Watch it for the sheer boldness of Anurag Kashyap for showing the heart of India, as it is.. ruthless, unapologetic, yet very interesting.

The Continental Adventure…..


Here we are again… on yet another adventure with Sid, Manny and Diego. They embark on yet another journey woven around the formation of continents. Adding to the list of sequels this year… Ice Age 4 adds to the list of this hugely popular franchise which has already enthralled audiences worldwide. With an added ensemble cast of new creatures, this introduces us to Manny’s teenage daughter, Shira…a female sabre tooth, Sid’s eccentric granny and Captain Gutt, who plays the main antagonist of this movie. The continental drift is initiated by Scrat’s hunt for acorn. The herd is separated. The trio meets pirates and in the end reunites with their family. 

  Though the movie is fun, filled with a lot of heart-tugging and beautiful moments, the animation is fantastic, the movie is extremely fast-paced. The producers must have thought again before releasing this movie in 3D because it is not worth it. The 3D effect adds unnecessary confusion to the already breathtaking scenes. The storytelling and the pace was much better in the previous movies where each character was developed properly. In this part, apart from Sid’s Granny,none of the personalities have been characterized in depth.      

Also, i really do not understand, this concept of “dumbing down“. People have been criticizing the movie because of the recreated theory of continental drift. I say.. why not?.. as filmmakers, directors have a right to present each theory in their own way… and as this movie is for the kids…why not present it in a way which is interesting as well as links to the story!!? Let the kids have some relief from their geography and physics lessons and let them have some fun… !! An entertaining movie… not as good as its predecessors but definitely will make the day for kids… 


So… after the Box office dud named “Luck By Chance”, Zoya Akhtar, from the famed Akhtar genepool, gives us “Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara”. Though there had been controversies regarding this poster being a rip off from the movie “Lords Of Dogtown”( see image), high expectations had been pinned on this movie which boasts of an interesting ensemble cast of Hrithik Roshan, Farhan Akhtar, Abhay Deol, Katrina Kaif, and Kalki Koechlin.

But had Zoya Akhtar been watcing the DVD of “Dil Chahta Hai” while writing the screenplay for ZNMD, because this movie seems to have been inspired by the former.  The same 3 guys story, differences between two of them, a road trip, interesting experiences on the way. It seems as if we are going through a slicker, international version of Dil Chahta Hai in Spain. Sure, the locales are shot fantastically, but the characters are sketched very primitively but interestingly.

Hrithik is a hot-shot trader with no time for love and relationships coz he’s busy minting money. Abhay Deol is in distress because of the dominating kalki doesn’t let him be hiself and doesn’t give him space and mind her own business. By the end of the journey he musters up enough courage to tell kalki that their engagement happened by fluke and he has no plans to marry in the near future. Farhan gets to know after his father’s death that he actually was not his biological father and goes to meet his ‘real’ father and to find answers to some questions which had been troubling him. Though this movie has few heart-touching emotional scenes, and the star cast almost brings justice to the script barring a few, the cinematography is beautiful. There are some beautiful moments between the three friends which bring out the best in all of them… Hrithik’s restraint, Abhay’s subtlety and Farhan’s whackiness..! Farhan has got the best lines… and he borrows papa Javed’s poetry as well. Katrina appears as a diving instructor who accompanies the three to the Tomatina festival. Kalki is dull and her potential is unexploited.

Every character in this trio is going through an inner turmoil, and they learn to enjoy and live their life through friendship. Interesting watch.., especially Farhan is splendid as the whacky copy-writer with an even whackier sense of humour. A good watch.