It starts off as a mills and boon story. Predictable, romantic but mysterious. The somewhat Nancy Drew-ish female protagonist is besotted with the multi-billionaire bachelor- Christan Grey. The complexity of the male lead character is what maintains the interest throughout the book. As Anastasia is introduced to the dark and forbidden world of Christian Grey, she is put in a dilemma. If she refuses to enter his world, that will mean parting ways with grey with whom she is madly in love with. Entering that world will mean forgetting her real self and surrendering completely to Grey’s demands. Meanwhile, she juggles between her career, family, and friends. There are some complex and witty conversations between the Christian and Anastasia. As the readers get to know more and more about the complexities and hidden layers of Christian’s persona, it is Anastasia, the narrator, who captivates with her helplessness and lost in love demeanour. The strong characterisations of Christian and Anastasia are the high points of the book. Sadly, the author is too eager to cater to the masses. Erotica is necessary, and at points been excellently used to depict the tension and chemistry between the lead pair. But as they say, excess of everything is bad. The constant graphic description of their steamy sessions at times make it monotonous. Though one can say, this book can termed as one of the best of erotic literature of recent times. Raunchy, racy and yet very complex. Don’t just read it for the kicks. Read it to understand and witness how a strong and successful story can be woven around porn literature. And… read it to grab the rest two books of this trilogy as well!