Anurag Kashyap has re-invoked “Wasseypur” in urban India. Who would have thought..that in the age of tablets, apps, spas, live-in relationships and 3G scams… we would watch a movie….in awe..about a village rivalry between Qureshis and Khans… and a mafia story on coal and iron!! But that’s what Kashyap is all about, right when you start expecting a rural drama with clichéd social issues and hackneyed plots.. he rocks you to the core with a slick vendetta story which has more style and panache than some yashraj flicks. None of the characters are black or white. Every character is real. The dialogues are colloquial yet awe-inspiring and intriguing. If Part I was about Manoj Bajpai’s life, his women, his rise to power and death, Part II is about his sons, their continuation on the journey towards revenge. It is a stylized gangsta flick but set in the heart of rural india. Women though very pivotal to the story, are kept to the sidelines. This movie was adapted as from a novel written by scriptwriter Zeishan Qaidri, who also plays the fearless and street-smart Definite, the illegitimate son of Sardar Khan and a huge Salman Khan fan. As the first part revolves around Manoj Bajpai playing Sardar Khan, the second part focuses on Nawassudin Siddiqui, the wronged son of Sardar, who while remaining stoned has a huge heart for romance for his lady love portrayed oh-so-saucily by Huma Siddiqui. Tigmanshu Dhulia is the suave Ramadhir Singh, fighting for power and control with two generations. Watch for the witty dialogues sprinkled with dry humour which make you cringe and smile at the same time … watch it for the crazy medley of characters… each trying to tell a different story. Watch it for the sheer boldness of Anurag Kashyap for showing the heart of India, as it is.. ruthless, unapologetic, yet very interesting.